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Is anyone here...

A fan of Jane Froman's songs? :)

I'm thinking of doing my final paper in music class on one of her songs. I don't know which one though. What do you think of that? =]

Re: Is anyone here...

That sounds like a wonderful idea. I don't know what songs Jane sung that are attached to her career; but maybe the title song of her life story..."With A Song In My Heart" would be very appropriate. I have some material pertaining to this song and it became very, very popular when her life story came out in 1952. Infact the song went to number seven on the billboards. I still have my copy of this song on 45 rpm, shows a lot of wear, but I LOVE it.

Re: Is anyone here...

Ooh, that is very interesting. I was thinking of that one, but as there is so many, it's hard to choose. I have quite a few. I don't have something original like that of course lol. Just songs I can listen to on my computer/iPod :)

Re: Is anyone here...

Hi, Desiree:

I'll go along with Ray in that you can't go wrong choosing "With a Song in My Heart." However, the song I most closely identify Jane Froman with is "I'll Walk Alone," which was also in the film when Susan as Jane sings to Robert Wagner, playing the battle-scarred soldier.

I also think "I'll Walk Alone" relates to Jane's constant struggle with the injuries she sustained in the airplane crash during World War II, both in the figurative and literal sense, since she had to get her career back, and learn to walk again with a terribly mangled leg.

So anyway, that's the song I selected and my reasons for it. But honestly, any Jane Froman song would be more than appropriate.

Re: Is anyone here...

Thank you for your suggestion, Gloria. I was thinking of that song, too. It's a beautiful song :)