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The Honey Pot/Edie Adams

Edie Adams, who starred in The Honey Pot with Susan Hayward, died this past week at the age of 81. She was at one time married to comedian Ernie Kovacs.

I always enjoyed Edie Adams and I remember her during my tv watching days of the 50's and 60's.

Rest in peace.

Re: The Honey Pot/Edie Adams


I didn't know she died. I liked her, too. And I was a big fan of Ernie Kovacs, who started his career on Philadelphia TV. I knew when I first saw him that he would be a big star, and I thought he and Edie were a great couple, so much so that I don't believe Edie remarried after Ernie's early death. If she did, I never learned about it.

Incidentally, do you remember Edie talking about when Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz divorced? It was on a TV special done after Lucy's death. Edie and Ernie had been on what I think was the last "Lucy" show, and Edie almost came to tears talking about how sad it was.

I think she was a very nice person, and I'm sorry to learn of her death.

Re: Re: The Honey Pot/Edie Adams

Gloria, yes, Edie was married after Ernie. I have a more complete write-up (copied) on Ginger's Forum.

I had not realized that the daughter of Ernie and Edie, Mia, had been killed in a car wreck in the 80's.

I do remember Edie talking about appearing in the last Desilou Hour. I remember her talking about how Lucy and Desi were barely speaking to each other and just wanted to get it over with..after all those years, it is sad. They sure left a lot of treasures for us that I have appreciated!

Gloria, have you ever seen "The Ernie Kovacs Story?" Surely, it must be out on dvd...?.. I've seen it on television on one of the cable channels. It is such a good film. I remember being somewhat mesmerized by it...Ernie's struggle to make it in tv, all his personal problems, his fight for custody of his daughters, his marriage to Edie...it's truly worth the watch.

Re: Re: Re: The Honey Pot/Edie Adams


Well, I am glad to know Edie married after Ernie died. And I didn't know about their daughter dying. How sad.

Somehow I think I did see something about Ernie, possibly a TV movie on him. But it had to be a long time ago.

Thanks for the info.

Re: The Honey Pot/Edie Adams


Thanks for mentioning about Edie Adams' death this past week or so. I had not heard about it anywhere else till now. She was talented and gorgeous in her heyday. I shall always recall her as the comedic and luscious showgirl in "Pocketful of Miracles". That was a 1961 Bette Davis film.
Rest in Peace Ms. Adams...

Re: The Ernie Kovacs Story

That made for TV film about Ernie Kovacs starred the wonderful actor Jeff Goldblum, early in his career. I think it was originally broadcast in the late '70's or early '80's. Excellent quality for a television production.

Re: Re: The Honey Pot/Edie Adams

Ann, your welcome, and yes, Edie was talented but not very well known by the younger generation of today. She was the toast of Broadway and very popular, working in television and movies in the 50's ane 60's. I remember her well.

Now I do remember that Jeff Goldblum starred as Ernie Kovacs. I looked up the film..."Before The Laughter".. The Ernie Kovacs Story."... Looks like it is only on VHS, but is available at a decent price.. that is if purchased used it seems.. Click the above link.. also, it's shown on cable tv from time to time. I think I had seen it on the Bravo or Encore channel.

Re: The Honey Pot/Edie Adams

I thoroughly enjoyed her whenever I saw her, which admittedly, wasn't very often. The first time I ever saw her of course was on the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. I liked the way she sang!