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Susan Hayward, one of the very best

FOR SALE, I have over 50 magazines with Susan on the cover, I have lots of movie programs and lots of other Susan things. I have most of her movies. I am at the age now that I need to start getting rid of things, I really hate to sell the one at a time, would rather sell the lot, however, I will see individually if that is what one prefers. I would even be willing to help with a museum type of setting if there is one that would want some. thanks. Bob, and thanks to you Ginger for making this possible.

Re: Susan Hayward, one of the very best

You are welcome, Bob...is it possible that you could list your inventory, perhaps be more specific in what you have. I think it would be helpful.

Re: Susan Hayward, one of the very best

Hello Bob,
It would be nice to see what you have and would like to sell. As you can see on the slideshow, I sent Ginger these magazine covers, as I have many in my collection.