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Question for Ann in New Hampshire

Hi, Ann:

Like you, I have dial-up here in Pennsylvania. My question is, did you get a message that the slideshow was empty before you finally got it?

Mine says it's empty, and nothing came on.

Just wondering, since we both have dial-up.


Re: Question for Ann in New Hampshire

Greetings Gloria !

The very first time that I logged into this site (since the new slide show thing has been added)....it just said the word "SLIDES" and then it said "loading" and then it took a minute or so to show the slides. But every time since that first time, the slides have appeared nearly instantaneously.
And my dial-up connection is truly S-L-O-W-W-W-W !

Sorry that the slides are not appearing for you at all. ANN

Re: Re: Question for Ann in New Hampshire

Thanks for getting back to me, Ann. I never got the word "slides," just "this slideshow is empty."

And I have a new computer with Vista Premium on it.

Ginger thought I couldn't get it because I have dial-up. Frankly, I could not understand why. I always knew dial-up is slower, but I thought it should still work.

It's very frustrating. I'm seriously thinking of getting DSL, and just might do so soon.