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Reposting Susan/Ray photo no. 20

For some reason it's not showing now in the original post, so I'm trying again..

The reason I post them below here in the messages also is because, I'm changing them from time to time at the top under the title, but they will still be below on the board if you want to look at them or save to your computer.

Re: Reposting Susan/Ray photo no. 20

well, it's still not coming through for me...can you all see the title picture above posted in this message below?.. thanks..

Re: Reposting Susan/Ray photo no. 20

I can see it beautifully, it looks gorgeous. Thanks again Ginger.

Re: Re: Reposting Susan/Ray photo no. 20

Okay, Ray, good... it must be my computer.. I'll see if I can find out the problem.