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The Susan Hayward Slide Show/Puzzle

Here is the slideshow in a little different format...will leave it this way for a while.. hope you like.

Re: The Susan Hayward Slide Show/Puzzle

This latest version of the slide show is even better ! And it is much bigger ! I hope that everyone is able to view this one more easily. Love the way the photos piece themselves together. Bravo


Re: Re: The Susan Hayward Slide Show/Puzzle

Nice work Ginger!

I ADORE this picture of Susan from I'LL CRY TOMORROW - she looks stunning.


Re: Re: Re: The Susan Hayward Slide Show/Puzzle

Ann -- thanks...I so appreciate the photos Ray has sent so they can be shared.

Trish - I think this photo represents the peak of her physical beauty.. just my opinion.

Re: The Susan Hayward Slide Show/Puzzle

Ginger, the slide show puzzle is awesome. I really love the effect and as Ann stated the photos look larger in this format. My hat off to you Ginger, you did it again. I am so pleased. Brings me joy to share all these wonderful covers with everyone. Thanks so much.

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Susan Hayward Slide Show/Puzzle

Yes Ginger, I totally agree with you regarding this picture and also how Susan photographed in I'll Cry Tomorrow even though it was filmed in black and white.
She was definitely at her peak physically during the early to middle 1950's years - Untamed springs to mind for me - that wonderful green satin dress with her gloriously long hair - she was unequalled.
Susan was also spectacular to look at in David and Bathsheba and Rawhide but I could go on and on - she was lovely in everything!!

I must make mention of Where Love Has Gone - she was around 47 years old and her close-ups were unbelievable - indeed a very beautiful lady.


Re: The Susan Hayward Slide Show/Puzzle

I will add my congrats as well Ginger. Very impressive format - great viewing.