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The Susan Hayward Room

As I mentioned earlier, I was able to contact the owner of the bread and breakfast inn in New York City.
He e-mailed me and said he was a long time fan of Susan Hayward. He dedicated one of the suites in her honor. I found it very exciting and fascinating. He said Susan's suite is one of his most popular. He was very accomodating and asked me if I wanted to take a sneak peek at Susan's room. Go to YouTube and type in Chelsea Pines Inn and get a guided tour of Susan's room, hosted by the owner Jay Lesiger, its takes only a few minutes and I enjoyed every second of the tour. It is very unique and one of a kind. I hope you enjoy the tour of Susan's room as much as I did. To all Susan Hayward fans, have a great Holiday and God bless.

Re: The Susan Hayward Room


I enjoyed the You Tube viewing immensely - thank you for telling us it was available. I did know about this room decorated with pictures of Susan but discovered they don't have an elevator and have five floors. Fine if you are young and fit!!