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Google's LIFE magazine photo archive

I have been thoroughly enjoying the photo archive for ALL it various subjects and of course, for Susan.
It has opened up an aspect of her persona that was not readily available to be seen before...namely her personal life with her family.The home/yard photos caught her without make-up and in joyous moments with her kids...just like any other Mom.

Re: Google's LIFE magazine photo archive

I agree, Ann! They are absolutely enchanting!

Re: Re: Google's LIFE magazine photo archive

Yes, these pictures are a real treasure to behold. I have also found a lot more than the stated 200 - I just kept clicking on various ones until different ones showed up.

I love the family ones too Ann. I have always had a lot of family pix in my collection, mainly from the time Susan was married to Jess and have always cherished them. They are just cuttings from magazines from all over the world but greatly valued by me nonetheless. Susan will always remain a big part of my life.