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Susan on Radio

For those of you who went through 47 pages of the Google photos that Jill posted on here (thank you, Jill), you will find on page 46, the 16th photo of Susan has a caption that reads: Escape-Suspense.

If you click it on, you will find a website for the Suspense radio show, on which Susan appeared in October of 1946, when she was promoting her new picture, "Smash Up."

Susan played the wife of a rich man. That's all I'll tell you now so I don't ruin the story for you. It runs a half-hour, including a commercial for something called Roma Wine.

Just go down about half way on the page to find this story. You will also read the description of her as having a wonderful radio voice and dthe ability to tell a story well (gee, like we didn't know, LOL). And, wonder of wonders, Susan sings, too.

If you haven't already found this, by all means, check it out.


Re: Susan on Radio

As Gloria already knows, I have been unable to access this but I already have a cd containing the show (and lots of other radio appearances).

The Suspense programme above is available on Susan's You Tube (although it is only the sound). As to Susan singing - is it her? I wonder, or was it dubbed?