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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone that vists this website on our dear Susan. Another year gone by, but where did it go?Wishing "you" that 2009 will be a happy, healthy and prosperous year. God bless you all.

Re: Happy New Year

Thanks for the kind wishes Ray. Yes the year did go rapidly - almost STOLEN HOURS really.

With the current economic woes afflicting much of the world, THE HONEY POT has dried up and the "prosperous" aspect may be a tad difficult and we may have to tighten our belts somewhat. (I will be looking for people who say I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE) to save money.

But I will be more than content with the
"happy" and "healthy" and I wish you and all here the best for 2009 as well.


Re: Re: Happy New Year

Happy New Year to Ray, Kerry, and all!

My New's Resolution is to work through all of my Susan Hayward films this year. I am starting with I Want To Live!

Re: Re: Re: Happy New Year

I too would like to add my very best wishes to all of you who come to this site, and to Ginger as well.


~ ANN from New Hampshire ~

Re: Re: Re: Re: Happy New Year

To Ginger and Everyone in the Forum:

After the terrible economy of this past year, I'm afraid I won't be approaching 2009 With a Song In My Heart; that's for sure.

Any major purchases I make this year, and I need to make several, I'm afraid will be made on a Back Street somewhere when somebody tells me "I Can Get It For You Wholesale."

And there's no use putting off these purchases. What needs doing needs doing ASAP; no more saying I'll Cry Tomorrow.

So I'd better wish all my fellow Susan-o-philes a Happy New Year now. Who knows what condition I'll be in if I wait for a Deadline at Dawn.


Re: Happy New Year

Happy new year to Ginger and all visitors ,

all the best