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Ray's Collection/No. 23

What a beautiful photo! I love the dress with the organza ( I believe) shawl. I am getting this into the Ray/Ginger slideshow in just a few minutes.

Thanks, Ray!

Re: Ray's Collection/No. 23

They just keeping getting more entrancing don't they. Truly wonderful collection Ray. Some marvellous covers.

Can't help you re the probable 'organza' Ginger. My knowledge of fine fabrics is a tad philistine. But no doubt someone can confirm the material. Sure looks it anyway.


Re: Ray's Collection/No. 23

One of the most beautiful covers you've shared!

Thanks for sharing.

Re: Ray's Collection/No. 23

I am so happy you like this cover from Italy, it is from May 31, 1956 and one of my favorites. This is Susan at the height of her career, just fabulous!
I obtained this cover from Eduardo Moreno one of the many that he found for me. Thanks again Ginger.

Re: Re: Ray's Collection/No. 23

Thank you again so much Ray and Ginger. A lovely picture of a lovely lady.


Re: Ray's Collection/No. 23

Stunning!! She is the fairest of them all.