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as YVONNE DE CARLO sang in the Broadway musical FOLLES, believe it or not...I'M STILL HERE.>>..

I never hear from anyone from the Susan site and I never email anyone either..so I guess that goes both ways. The health has not been good and I have tried to push onward..in hopes that things will get better, but it is very doubtful now, that this will ever happen.

The diabetes (as we all know is just a slow death) is catching up with me faster than I had hoped it would. It has attacked my urineary track and I now only have 40% of my kidneys functioning.

I tried to get ready for auditions for upcoming shows, which will be held on Feb. 7th...but I think I have done my last show. I have very little strength left...and at times cannot make it through a full day at the school. I have missed this past whole week of work, which has never happened before.

I am just telling you all, this, so you will know that I am and have been thinking about you wonderful Susan fans that are still here on Ginger's site and to say I am so very sorry that I have not been a part of the chat for a very long time.

On the other hand..I am posting another email right after this one..to show you that there has been some cheering up...today...and just in time..for what we all know...Susan's Birthday..tomorrow.

All My Love...Errol

Re: GOOD....TIMES...AND...BAD...TIMES.....


I know the struggle you're having only too well. I too am a diabetic. Have been for 17 years. Sometimes I think I'm fighting a losing battle, but I keep on keepin' on. And so must you, Errol. We need all our Susie fans, babe, so don't give up. If
it would be a help to you, please feel free to e-mail me directly, okay?

Thinking of you,


Re: GOOD....TIMES...AND...BAD...TIMES.....

Thanks Gloria...I have missed chatting with all of you and feel awful about making the weird mistake on sending Birthday greetings....Most of the time I feel over medicated, so that may be part of it.

Thank you for your response and care...


Re: GOOD....TIMES...AND...BAD...TIMES.....

Hey Errol;
We're all still here, sorry to hear about your medical problems. Your condition sounds very close to home. My 52 year old niece is waiting for a kidney and also a liver transplant. She's had hepatitis since 1994, and now it's now agressive to type C. She is having a real hard time and she is very close to me. She is on the Univ of Minnesota liver transplant list, I pray for her all the time.
Just hang in there. Take care.