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I am leaving my BIRTHDAY WISHES to our dear SUSAN, tonight, instead of tomorrow, since I don't know what tomorrow might bring...health wise and I may not be back on line.

I have been spending so much of my time home and in bed or..if not..then just home here alone, so I decided, last Sunday that I was going to send off for as many of Susan's dvd's and a couple of vhs that I have never had and wanted to have so very much. I figured this was the best time to have them...even though they would probably not arrive in time for her birthday. WELL...God (and maybe Susan) must have known how much this would mean to me...and the GREAT NEWS is that...I got ALL that I ordered, except THE HAIRY APE, which is on back order.

I got the first one yesterday..which I have never seen since it was first shown on television. Her last film...SAY GOODBYE, MAGGIE COLE. I got to watch that last night..and of course cried throughout the film. BUT....I must say she looked TERRIFIC didn't she? So very beautiful and full of life! Who would know it would be ...the long goodbye for her.

NOW....TODAY..I went to the mailbox, never expecting to receive ANY of the others I had ordered..in such a short time. It usually takes a lot longer than 4 days to get shipments from these companies.


WHAT A JOY AND SURPRISE it was for me! I MUST try to watch HEAT OF ANGER tonight, since this is one I never thought I would ever get...and again, had not seen since it first aired on television. Then tomorrow...hopefully, I will have the entire day to spend with SUSAN....watching all of these treasures that have meant so much for me..and to have them in time for her birthday.

I have no idea how I would have survived the many bad times I have had in my early lifetime..and then throughout my many years. You brought to me, a love, hope and beauty that was not to be found otherwise, in my life.

Throughout the years...it has always been an injection of 'guts and survival' that your films have given me, when those times got rough again and again. There have been times when only your beauty and hearing your wonderful throaty voice have been the only way forward. You said no one would ever remember you...How very wrong you were! I know I am not the only one that was so effected by YOU..not only as a movie star, but as a person. Reading what has been written about you, and how times were hard on you...and how the fairy tale life we all look for when we find...our love...just didn't work out...makes me 'feel you as a person'..not just my favorite lady of the screen.

I feel it an honor to have shared a few emails with your son, Tim...and it helped to just chat with him for the short time that we did. The funny thing is, that we 'never' talked about YOU....but yet, you were a presence coming through on some of the advice he once gave me...on life..and all. I thank him for those words of wisdom that he gave me. He probably didn't even know what meaning they had for me, at the time, but they did...and it was a comfort.

May your STAR always shine down bright upon us all, who miss your passing, way too soon in life...and may you always know just how deeply you have touched our hearts and lives.

May you be in God's warmth...and always in our loving thoughts.

From One who will Always Care....Errol Jones



What a windfall! All the DVDs of Susan's to watch. Errol, can you please tell me where you got "Heat of Anger" from? I have tried and tried and contacted different places online that advertise her movies to find this film, but to no avail.
If you could post the company you ordered it from, I'd be most grateful.

Also, I do have the video of "Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole," and I believe this would have been a terrific series for her, but of course, fate stepped in.

I also believe she'd have made a great lawyer in a series of "Heat of Anger" (at least, from how I remember it) with that famous Hayward spirit.

Errol, if it helps to know that others care, I want you to know that, having had some of my own health problems lately, I can empathize with what you're going through these days. Watching Susan's films has given me a lift, and I know it will do the same for you.



HI Gloria...I searched and searched for HEAT OF ANGER and finally got it through a guy right here in Utah, in his film collection...BUT he had it advertised through
ASTRO VIDEO and that is where the packing slip came from.

Here is the address:
1500 Northampton Street
Holyoke, Ma. 01040


NOW...how I got to all of this was just through AMAZON.COM...then pulled up the title..and it gave a listing and prices for the film, so they are all coming through a 3rd party, I think, and then Amazon gets some of the profit for advertising through them. So...you can go to AMAZON.COM and you will find other places that you can order this one.

My cost was 8.98 with shipping. 6.00 for the film and the only reason I got this one, is because the seller was from here, in the same state. There were other copies and various prices for it.

It is not a film by itself. There are two films made for tv...The other one is HIT LADY with YVETTE MIMIEUX.

I don't think they will all be of the same caliber. I watched this one, tonight and was very disappointed in the cheap, washed out copy that I got, but....I think a lot of that has to do with the new 50 inch Plazma TV that I have now. Some of the movies made for tv don't come out as crisp and clear as the theatrical releases. I found the same problem with the copy of SAY GOODBYE, MAGGIE COLE, but all the others, (not tv films) are excellent.

These all went through AMAZON.COM...first. I had a good buy on the two westerns...RAWHIDE and GARDEN OF EVIL, because they came in a pack of 3-films...the 3rd being THE GUNFIGHTER with GREGORY PECK..and I have always loved that film, so it was a good deal. The most I paid for any of these films was 17.00 and as low as 6.00.

I would love to find a dvd of THE PRESIDENT'S LADY, but don't even know if it is out yet. I already had a dvd copy of WITH A SONG IN MY HEART that I got from that place in Encino...and had it for 2 years before it's dvd release to the public, but I paid a very high price for that one...and it had no cover.
Just came in a regular plastic dis holder. It is a great print...for 75.00 it should have been and I haven't watched the one I just bought, but am very glad to have this one and all the extras that came with it.

I watched AND NOW TOMORROW recently, which I got from tv...years ago. It still plays and looks like it was made yesterday on the big screen tv. I hadn't watched it in years and was not sure if it was still in good condition, but it was, thank goodness, since I don't know where you would even look..to find that one.

Hope this info will help you find a good copy.




Thanks for the info. I had tried to find Heat of Anger at Amazon, which is where I got most of my Susan films. No luck. The Maggie Cole video I got from some other place listed on Ginger's home page. The video had a lot of interference at the bottom, which made watching it not the most enjoyable time, but hey, it's our gal, which is the most important thing, right?

I remember trying to find The President's Lady, too, with no luck. I'm pretty sure I start all my searches at Amazon, so I'll continue to look there.

As for WASIMH, I only have the video. However, my local library has the DVD, so I've seen it from there and can get it any time.

I'll contact the people whose name & address you sent me for Heat of Anger. Thanks, Errol, and take care of yourself.


Gloria...also try moviesunlimited.com...I have gotten films through there too...and I did order A LOT of films Over 200.00 worth...from both amazon and moviesuniimited at the same time, so it could be that the other place I saw HEAT OF ANGER was on this other site. I didn't save the packing slips and they all seemed to arrive at the same time.

I do know, on one of the two sites, there were more than one copy of this film listed..and they were at different prices. One said...'factory sealed'...but the price was way too high, since I was ordering a group of films to put to my collection.

I got the MARLENE DIETRICH collection, mainly because I wanted a dvd copy of GOLDEN EARRINGS, which I have always loved! Then I got THE MYSTERIES COLLECTION...a lot of B-films, which I kinda enjoy and I got this so I could have the dvd of AND THEN THERE WERE NONE...the older version with JUDITH ANDERSON, BARRY FITZGERALD, and many others. I always thought it was better than the remake (although the remake was pretty good on its own) TEN LITTLE INDIANS with HUGH O' BRIEN and a bunch of stars from the 60's.

I wanted DUEL IN THE SUN, GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER, UNCONQUERED, LAURA...so they were all ordered at the same time. I just got the last of them today, which is the ones I mention in this paragraph. These all came from MOVIESUNLIMINTED so check them out.


ALSO...Thanks so very much for responding to me.