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I thought I would also share this with all of you. During the past year, I have a friend who is an RN and he stayed with me quite a lot, with the okay from my doctor, since we were trying all these new meds out.

I had known him for about 8 years, so it was great to have someone here that I knew and could relate to so well. He was born in 1955...and his mom is two years older than I am...and it happened that her favorite movie star was...our dear Susan too...

Joe had very little knowledge of her work. I kept thinking, he was born the year of I'LL CRY TOMORROW..and so most of her films would be new to him, so on his visits here, we watched a lot of SUSAN...plus some other older films that I introduced him to.

It was such a joy to see the reaction to someone who had never seen some of her great work, fall in love with her, just as we all have.

Joe is also a smoker and you are not allowed to smoke in our complex or on the property of Hurricane Hills, where I live...so Joe would always have to walk two blocks over, onto the Santa Fe Hills property to smoke. I must say I did get a big laugh, while he was out smoking...after seeing one of Susan's films...because most of the time, he left in tears. BACK STREET, WITH A SONG IN MY HEART, THE PRESIDENT'S LADY and I'LL CRY TOMORROW tore him up every time!

Susan made some very 'serious' films. Some gut wrenching performances that can't help but hit you hard. I have never been able to get through WASIMH and Back Street without tearing up! And I'm not ashamed to say so either!

Susan put so much into each and every performance she did...and like it or not...she could be just as nasty as she could be warm and wonderful. I remember how shocked I was with her performance in ADAM HAD FOUR SONS and got a kick out of her NOT winning FRED MAC MURRY in THE FOREST RANGERS! She was a real 'twit of a snob' in both I MARRIED A WITCH and SIS HOPKINS. She became eerrie and mysterious in THE LOST MOMENT, playing two women in a very difficult role. You had to have BIG TALENT to take on a strange film as this turned out to be.

In many ways, I can see WHY she turned down THE THREE FACES OF EVE...although I wish she had done that film! I think she would have gotten an Oscar for her performance...afterall, JOANNE WOODWARD did, so it might have been a first Oscar for Susan. I will always think of WITH A SONG IN MY HEART as my favorite Susan role...not just for the acting, but her lip sync was so ON...that I would have never believed it was not her singing. If you watch the vocal cords in her neck as well as the mouth movements...WOW..that is hard stuff to put over..and she was a PRO at it!

Well....just had to relate to you all, that there is now ONE MORE SUSAN FAN that I know of....and that is my friend Joe...(along with his Mom who was already 'one of...US'...(LOL)