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Hello Everyone!

Hi Everyone!.....

and warm and welcome greetings to Errol.. glad to see you on the board and very sorry to hear about your health problems. Also, Errol, you can celebrate Susan's birthday anytime you wish, it's alright with me!

Ray--I received your latest package and will try to get a new photo on the webpage and slideshow soon.. BTW...thank you, Ray, for adding the very nice review at the slideshow site.

I've started another part-time job, which I guess now I'm pretty much working full time or ALMOST, with two part times. I have added 16 more students since I've started teaching at our local community college. I enjoy it, but it has been an adjustment in my routine. I'm getting better at it.

I've been playing piano for a choir at a local, nice, retirment village. It's all volunteer and it is fun.. have made lots of new older friends and next time I get a chunk of time with them, I'll show some of them the Susan Hayward site. I know they will relate! I'm also working on getting my mom ready to move up here and into this retirement community -- only 10 minutes from me.. so have had a lot going on. In the building where my mom would be, they have a cafteria/restaurant with a beautiful grand piano that just sits there by itself most of the time. I'm going over this afternoon to play the hell out of it for them.. LOL

It's nice to meet up here from time to time with everyone and check in.. Errol, don't stay away so long.

Love you all!


Re: Hello Everyone!


Good luck in your new part-time job! Sounds as though you're pretty busy these days. I don't know how you can do all of this and still have time for your website, but I'm sure glad you do.

Good luck, too, in getting even more folks (from the retirement home) to check into the Susan message board. It's always nice to find new people who appreciate her.


Re: Re: Hello Everyone!

Gloria, I played for some of the retirement home folks on Saturday night. I would start playing a song from an old movie and ask them to name the song and/or the movie. I played "With A Song In My Heart" and they knew what it was immediately.

I didn't actually talk to any of them about Susan Hayward afterwards, but one lady came up to me and said that she had sung in the chorus of the New York City Opera back in the day( probably late 50's)....and also she had sung in the chorus of the full run of Camelot on Broadway, which I think was about 2 years. Her stage name was Dorothy White and she said she was listed on the original soundtrack recording. She said that Julie Andrews was so nice. I asked her about Robert Goulet, and she said he was pretty nice, but what was really funny is that she said that Richard Burton was always trying to "hit" on her....LOL

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It was good to hear all your news and especially interesting you are playing piano at a Seniors Home.
I imagine you are much appreciated.

I often look in on You Tube at your clip playing Susan's Song - great to hear and see you at the same time. As you know, my Dad was a great pianist so it brings back happy memories - he would always play "My Foolish Heart" and "With a Song in My Heart" for me.

I especially liked the note about Richard Burton - sounds just like him. He was born and brought up not far from here.



Re: Hello Everyone!

HI Ginger...Thanks for the warm welcome back! You see...I'm even late replying to this. I have my up and down days...and there have been a lot of 'down time' lately.

I also want to thank those of you, who emailed me and wished me well...It means a lot!! You'll never know just how much. Brings a little joy into my life right now.

I'm a 'fighter'....so don't worry...I AIN'T DOWN YET!

Love to You All...Errol

Re: Re: Hello Everyone!

Thanks, all!

Trish, I had forgotten that Richard Burton was from Wales.

Errol, we're probably all fighters here. I think people who respond so strongly to Susan Hayward would be fighting type folks!