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Susan at the Orpheum, Vancouver.

I thought some of you might be interested in this little snippet about Susan - I quote :

"The Orpheum - Vancouver - Promoter Ivan Ackery.

In 1942 Ivan snared the world premiere of a film entitled "The Forst Rangers" and local excitement was high because Susan Hayward would be there in person. There was a drive on to sell war bonds and Miss Hayward was involved in it. Ivan was delegated to take her to places where the drive could be promoted. Then there was the movie too to sell.

"The night of the opening was really something" Ivan recalled. "Granville Street was closed to traffic and search lights played over the crowd and the front of the theater as the police escort brought Miss Hayward to the theater. Lieutenant Governor William Woodward, Vancouver's Mayor, Jack Cornell and other VIP's were all in Ivan's office and waiting for her arrival. She was breathtakingly beautiful and quite gracious as well".

But then ...

"When Miss Hayward arrived in the theater, I escorted her to my office and my gosh, if she didn't trip on a step, lose her balance, fall and sprain her ankle! I couldn't believe it! It was like a bad dream! The thirty piece orchestra was waiting on stage; a full house was anticipating the introduction of this famous lady; but she was now stretched out in my office with her foot on a chair, her complexion about the same shade as her dress and pain written all over her face. What to do?

I had the orchestra play another number while we decided but soon Miss Hayward recovered enough for me to carry her on stage for the introduction, which was all the more appealing to the audience, I am sure and I cannot say that I minded it a bit".

There was a sequel to the Hayward visit. Ivan took her down to the train for her trip back to L.A. and she called out just as the train was pulling out -"Oh Ivan, my fur coat. I have forgotten my fur coat"! He yelled to her that he would see she got it, rushed back to the hotal to discover the coat in her closet, sped down to Blaine to meet the train there but forgot he would have customs' details to work out. By the time he filled out the forms, he arrived in Blaine just in time to wave at Miss Hayward's train disappearing into the distance.
He eventually got the coat back to her.

Re: Susan at the Orpheum, Vancouver.

What a wonderful story! thanks for sharing it Trish.


Re: Susan at the Orpheum, Vancouver.


What else could we expect from Susan but that "the show must go on?" Of course, she was going on stage one way or another.

I've just posted a factoid from this morning that you might be interested to know.

Re: Susan at the Orpheum, Vancouver.

HI Trish...What a GREAT Susan story!! I really loved it! But...you see how she was..a trouper all the way!

When you told about him carrying her out onstage, I got a sudden 'flash-back' picture, in my mind, of them carrying her onstage, with the cast on her leg..in WITH A SONG IN MY HEART. YES...I'll bet the audience had a very exciting experience that night!

Re: Susan at the Orpheum, Vancouver.

What a grand story, Trish. I am glad she got her fur coat back, I wonder if it was her MINK coat?

Re: Re: Susan at the Orpheum, Vancouver.

I am pleased you all enjoyed this story regarding Susan - I love finding snippets like this about her and it is especially nice to know how much she is still adored and thought of so highly by us all.

Ray ... It could well have been her MINK coat.


Re: Susan at the Orpheum, Vancouver.

Wonderful anecdote Trish. Thanks for sharing it.
~ ANN ~

Re: Re: Susan at the Orpheum, Vancouver.

Trish, that is a great story. It gave me chill bumps. I had never heard that story before. That was also very early in her career, wasn't it?....was that story from a book or magazine??....fascinating. I never knew that the premiere of Forest Rangers had been in Canada.

I do remember reading and seeing photos of Susan when she went to Tulsa for the premiere of "Tulsa"...the people were wild with excitement, as they very well should have been!

Re: Re: Re: Susan at the Orpheum, Vancouver.


I just noticed this note from you. I found this story a couple of years back on the Internet somewhere, but don't ask me where!! I thought it was interesting too. At the time, I didn't know how to copy it so I took it all down in shorthand and then typed it up. I love finding anecdotes like that about Susan.

Take care, Trish

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan at the Orpheum, Vancouver.

Thanks for sharing it, Trish.