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Kerry:I meant Koala, not Panda!


I realized after I wrote my posting that I said panda in it, and of course, I meant koala.

Either way, it is very sad about everyone
-- human and other animals -- hurt or killed in these terrible fires.

Re: Kerry:I meant Koala, not Panda!

Gloria - no problem whatsoever. They are both pretty cute representatives of the Ursine ( is that correct meaning Bear?)family.

There are vet triage units now scouring the area of country affected by fires, as the toll of injured and burnt animals is huge. The death toll is going to be massive. Because koalas are tree dwellers, they would have stood no chance with the speed and ferocity of the fire front as it exploded through the tree line.

So yes, that shot of the firey giving water to the injured Koala ( 'Sam' I believe she has been dubbed) was sheer joy in the midst of the desolation.

(Last I heard, Sam has her feet salved and bandaged and is dwelling with some animal carers and being spoilt rotten.)

As for the arsonist mind set ? Yes it is unfathomable. But I believe you have similar problems when the California fires are raging. The term - sociopath - hardly begins to describe it, does it ??


Re: Kerry:I meant Koala, not Panda!


Yes, this morning a report on the koala called her "Sam." I'm thrilled for her but petrified about all the other animals who perished.

Sociopaths hardly even explains why people set fires. Close to home, there is a town outside of Philadelphia called Coatesville, where for several months, someone has set fires at people's homes. Even with publicity in area newspapers and TV coverage, still this SOB (or maybe imitators) has managed to keep setting them. This town has a lot of older houses with wooden porches, and apparently, that's where the fires are set.

It is absolutely disgusting what some people do. It's one thing for them to be careless about smoking in a forest. It's quite another to deliberately want to take lives.

Re: Re: Kerry:I meant Koala, not Panda!

Who can ever understand the mind of a sociopath?...they have no conscience.. no empathy for others. They seem to have such a great need to kill. It's a release. It's incomprensible.