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Susan Hayward Movies of the Month

Hi everyone, I'm a little late on the January movie, but posting it anyway...just decided to try a Susan Hayward movie of the month--I thought maybe we could all try to watch it and the February movie (With A Song In My Heart) by the end of February, comment about each movie, and then in March I'll post a new one.

If I post one that someone doesn't have in their collection, then perhaps among all of us here we can help get to you one of the movie of the months you are missing..hopefully in time, it will help add to your collection, and if you have something someone else doesn't have, maybe
vice versa.. what I'm trying to say is, maybe we can help each other collect those we don't have yet....well, we can give it a try. I think probably most everyone has I Want To Live and With A Song In My Heart.. if not, let us know. Many of her films are for sale on the internet, but there are a lot that have been copied from cable or network tv..some may not be the best of copies, but if you are like me, when it comes to a Hayward movie, I'm excited whether it's a good or bad copy!

Re: Susan Hayward Movies of the Month

Hi Ginger!
I love your movie of the month idea. I'll be sure to watch "With a Song in my Heart". Sometimes too much time goes by without watching a Susan Hayward film. Can't let that happen.

Re: Re: Susan Hayward Movies of the Month

Thanks, Christina, and I do the same thing..just go a long time without watching a Hayward film and then I'm starved!...at least once a month, reviewing and analyzing one will help get me back on track, and I always learn something new when I watch one of her films.