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Susan Hayward/Awards Photo/No. 1

Hi Everyone, Ray sent me 4 photos of Susan with awards. The first photo is of Susan with her Oscar, of course, for "I Want To Live" - as Ray says, "so well deserved."

I placed the glittery star on the right over her hair on the photo under the title because there was a little discoloring over her hair--otherwise a terrific photo! Below is the original photo.

Re: Susan Hayward/Awards Photo/No. 1

Hi Ginger, with the Academy Awards telecast right around the corner, this photo showing Susan with her Oscar couldn't be more appropriate at this time. I didn't notice the discrepancy on this photo, it may have happened when I had it copied. I love this photo, it shows Susan with such a gleam in her eyes. I bet she was thinking after all her hard work, I finally got it. I believe Walter Wanger noted here...."Now we can all relax, Susan got what she's been chasing for 20 years" It went something like that. Thanks Ginger.

Re: Susan Hayward/Awards Photo/No. 1

Ginger...I agree with Ray...What a great time to post this wonderful picture. I still have this one somewhere and also thought that this was one of the photos I had sent to you...but maybe not. I know I have it in one of the Oscar books, so that is probably where I am thinking of it being.

I wanted to make this comment..and thought of posting it on the Movie of the Month section..but now I think it works better, posting it here.

When Ray spoke of what Walter Wanger said about..we can all relax now. Susan finally got what she has wanted for years...it brought back to mind some BIG newspaper stories that were surrounding the opening of this film in Salt Lake City...and whether they be true or more publicity for the film, at the time, or if it was really true...who knows for sure.

I remember being in the high school library and two students had the paper spread out...with a not ONE but a TWO FULL PAGE AD for..I WANT TO LIVE. One page had Susan in the scene when she is doing the wild jazz dance number, at the party, her head thrown back in this great full page shot. On the opposite page was a FULL PAGE of reviews from all over the world...about her chilling performance in the film and below four other smaller shots from the film...the fight with her husband, when she doesn't want to give him the money to buy more drugs...the one in the prison cell, her hand on the bars as she looks toward the outside corridor...the shot with the toy tiger in her hand as she shoves it at the press..and one in the suit and sleeping mask on, getting read for the gas chamber walk.

Of course the critics were going wild over her chilling performance and bets were in that she would win the Oscar..for sure..this time!!

I was dying to get the paper to myself, so I could go over all of it and drill it into my brain for safe keeping as to the outstanding things that had been said about her in this film.

When I did get it...I turned the page to find another HUGE article all about how SUSAN HAYWARD vows to 'tell all'..about the Academy Awards and how they are handled...IF..she doesn't win the Oscar for this one! It went on to say that she knew many of the 'inside' ways the Oscar race was run and after being nominated five times for the golden award, she was through with the way the awards were sometimes handled...and that she planned to 'spill all she knew' if justice wasn't given to her this time around.

NOW...as I said...whether this was just more 'hoop-la' to raise interest in both the film and its star...who knows, but it was quite an article...(or an article without really saying anything...Just maybe showing some of Susan's firey temperment that also could have added to the stir of the film and make some 'extra bucks' at the boxoffice.

wHo..Knows...but thought it was a story worth telling to the fans.

By the way...Susan was one very popular actress in the state of Utah. She had a great following here..and I also remember that after WITH A SONG IN MY HEART was released...there were articles about her in the paper..many of them and also 'after' the win for I WANT TO LIVE! the articles continued.

I would like to relate some things that came shortly after I WANT TO LIVE! and the Oscar for Susan...and will now put that into a separate posting.

Re: Re: Susan Hayward/Awards Photo/No. 1

Great post, Errol. Don't you wish we could get a copy of that article through the newspaper archives. It might be fun to try and investigate and see what we could find.