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Hi from Arkansas

Hi everyone,

I'm in Arkansas visiting my dad and stepmother.. will go to my mom's this afternoon. My husband and I are helping my mom move to Kansas City...will be going back to KC tomorrow, Sunday. She will be with me for a couple of weeks and then move into her new home at a retirement village which is about 10 minutes from me. I'm excited about having her near me, but I know it will be challenging and an adjustment for us all. My mom loves classic films and she dearly loves Susan Hayward, so she and I will watch With a Song in My Heart to finish out February, and then will start on the other movies of the month with all of you. I enjoy watching Susan movies with her because she appreciates Susan and her films so much...so does my daughter!..p.s. I'm not finished with January's.. I Want To Live, but will get that done soon. I don't she'll watch it with because she is squeamish, and that one I think is hard for her to take.

Love to all..


Re: Hi from Arkansas


Please tell your mom that I wish her the very best in her new home, near you and your family.

I am in the process of again watching I Want to Live so that I can discuss it with you and the other Susie fans in more detail. After that I'll play WASIMH yet again.

I did notice one thing in Live, which I don't recall noticing before, which is that Barbara Graham was supposed to be left-handed. In one scene they show Susan in her cell, supposedly writing to Carl, who is in the hospital, and they show her left hand moving (but they don't show the writing).

I'm assuming Susan was actually right-handed, but it just occurred to me that maybe I'm wrong. Do you know?

Just thought I'd ask!

I'll jot down any further questions or comments, and maybe we can discuss them on this message board with other Susie fans of these two flicks.

Re: Re: Hi from Arkansas

Gloria, I still need to finish I Want To Live, and I actually haven't started With A Song In My Heart, which I will while my mom is with me and thanks for your positive words.

I had not remembered that Barbara Graham was left handed. I never thought about Susan being left handed or not...would be interesting to watch her films more closely and maybe notice that.

Re: Hi from Arkansas

HI Ginger...You have a very busy schedule!! But once it is over and you have your mom back close to you, it will all have been worth it.

I was finally well enough to go and visit my mom, this past weekend, who is also in a retirement home...but is 4 hours away from where I live. The trip took its toll on my health for a bit...but I'm getting back into the swing of things. I don't think there will be many more visits that I will be able to make..and I had to tell her that, when I was there on this visit. She fully understands, since we are both suffering from many of the same health problems.

I send all my love and warm wishes to you, your mom and the family.

As Ever...Errol