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Hi everyone :) How is everything in your different parts of the world? Is it still cold? It's sunny here. We don't have much of a change in season here. Ginger, I've always wanted to go to Missouri. Sounds very far though. My grandpa lives there.

I've always wanted to know... everyone... who is your favorite leading man from a Susan movie? And... I've always liked supporting characters in all movies, almost. Who is your favorite from a Susan movie?


Re: Hello!!

Favorite Male Star...from a Susan film...JOHN GAVIN in BACK STREET.

Favorite Supporting Star..THELMA RITTER in WITH A SONG IN MY HEART.

Re: Hello!!

I like your choices. Thelma Ritter is certainly my favorite as well. She's wonderful.

Re: Hello!!

Robert Mitchum - The Lusty Men
I think she also had good chemistry with John Wayne in The Fighting Seabees
Bill Williams and Susan are adorable in Deadline at Dawn.
I liked Darren McGavin in Say Good-bye, Maggie Cole

All her other leading men, in my opinion, are pretty much nonexistent next to the great Susan Hayward.

Re: Hello!!

I feel as though I'm taking one (leading man) from column A and another from column B, as in a Chinese restaurant.

I thought Bob Mitchum and Susan were terrific in The Lusty Men. I understand they didn't like each other, but boy, was there chemistry between them.

I liked John Gavin (he from the wooden school of acting) and Susan in Back Street. He was the perfect example of "tall, dark and handsome," and let's face it, kids. I'm a woman.

I liked Darren McGavin and Susan in Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole and hoped there would be a series on this character and the pairing of the two actors.

Actually,I liked Clark Gable and Susan in Soldier of Fortune. Although the movie was tepid at best, he was Clark Gable; and, as I said before, I am a woman, LOL.