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Eaton Calkley

Can anyone tell me anything about Susan's husband Eaton Chalkley's first marriage. I think his son died in an auto accident. Didn't he have daughters too? Was his first wife anyone of prominance?

Re: Eaton Calkley

Barb, I haven't read Susan's bios in quite a long time. I don't recall reading about Chalkley's first wife. I think the son who was killed was named Joe, and I believe he was killed in a plane crash. I think Chalkley had a daughter who was actually in a movie with Susan.."Thunder In The Sun", I believe.

Re: Re: Eaton Calkley

Ginger - Thanks for responding. I actually went to high school with his daughter Mary Ellen (MiMi). I know she had a younger sister who was closer to Eaton than MiMi. MiMi actually took her mother's side after the divorce. But no matter, I was always a big fan of Susan Hayward. We (MiMi's classmates) didn't know anything about Eaton until we heard he married Susan. I thought if we could track the first Mrs. Chalkley, we could find MiMi for our class reunions.

Re: Re: Re: Eaton Calkley

That's interesting, Barb. I don't recall ever reading about Mary Ellen, his older daughter.

I believe one of his neices had signed the guestbook on my Susan Hayward site several years ago. I'll see if I can find where she signed and maybe I can get her address email to you if it is still valid.

Re: Re: Re: Eaton Calkley

Eaton was my godfather. My father introduced him to Susan. I'd like to be put in touch with any of their friends and family.

Re: Re: Re: Eaton Calkley

As the legend goes, they were introduced by VF in San Francisco. VF was a mutual friend of Harvey Hester who owned "Aunt Fanny's Cabin" in Atlanta...

PT/ Tim B.