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Delighted to have found this...

As a lifelong Susan Hayward devotee (since I saw I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" as a 12 year-old), I want to thank Ginger and all who have contributed to this amazing tribute to her. I only just discovered it on a casual search, and now return to it whenever I have a block of time to give it the undivided attention it deserves. I've seen all her movies, many more than once, and was so happy when she turned to TV; I have "Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole" on tape.
I, too, have visited her grave site, actually way back in the late 70s. I laid a pine bough on her grave because I had no flowers and because I read that she loved the white Georgia pines. I went into the little church that she built there and knelt to pray; by the grace of God the priest who buried her was there at the time and approached me. He told me about her, and I told him why I was there. I felt so blessed. I took pictures and still have them. I, too, kept a scrapbook, but somehow it was lost in the moves I have made since adulthood. Otherwise I would love to share some of the pictures - I'm thinking that perhaps I go back the farthest, but I will probably find other fans my age as I continue to explore this marvelous web site. I was drawn to her on screen for numerous reasons, some which I cannot explain. However, one of them must have been "identification," as I have been told my entire life that I resembled her. This is less apparent now that I am 14 years older than she was when she died. Her death left a void - finding this web page has filled it.
Dorothy in Florida

Re: Delighted to have found this...

Greetings Dorothy

It is probably more appropriate for Ginger to welcome you to her site officially, but I wanted to compliment you on your delightful post and assure you that there are indeed many others of your vintage here who share your admiration for her.

The wonderful aspect of this message board is that there are also quite young people who post at times, who were not born when Susan passed away, so it shows that the torch is being carried along into new generations.



Re: Re: Delighted to have found this...

I am so pleased you have found this site Dorothy and hope you will visit often.


Re: Delighted to have found this...

Welcome, Dorothy. It's always a treat to hear about people's memories of -- and love for -- this remarkable woman.

I, too, have "Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole" on video and play it often, as I do all the videos and DVDs of Susan's that I could find. For the 1-1/2 or 2 hours of her films, I am entertained by the range of emotions this amazing actress could call on to transport us into her character's world. And then, when the film ends, I always feel the same deep sense of loss at her leaving us so soon.

Being part of this message board keeps me close to her with others who feel the same way. Of course, we're of a certain generation who knew her because we grew up with her. My hope is that there will be younger people who discover her and keep her alive for generations to come.

Come back soon.


Re: Re: Delighted to have found this...

Dorothy, thank you for your lovely post and for your story of your visit to the gravesite. This is a special place on the web where those of us whose lives she has touched and influenced in a special and unique way can come together and share our thoughts about Susan Hayward, information, and discuss her remarkable life and career.

Welcome to the Susan Hayward message board and for your nice words about my site created to honor her. It has been and always will be a joy for me and a labor of love.

Re: Delighted to have found this...

You all inspired me to look for my Susan Hayward scrapbook, started around 1951 and ending with her death in 1975 (and my busy life as a wife and mother). It was just where it should have been, having survived three major moves. I have looked through it and dissolved back into the head of the 12 year-old girl who started it out of love and admiration and identification. I never thought I would be going back to that place... but here I am, and here you are. I discovered that I have some pictures I don't believe you have, and the original article from the Atlanta Constitution covering her funeral. If there is anything I have that can add to your wonderful website, Ginger, you just need to ask. Susan obviously touched a lot of hearts, reached a lot of people, left indelible imprints. God rest her soul.

Re: Re: Delighted to have found this...

Dorothy, I'm so glad you found your scrapbook! Of course, if you have anything from your scrapbook that you would like to share or scan or send to me, please feel free to do so. Sometimes it takes me a while to get it on this message board or on Susan's pages, but I try to put up as much as I have time for, especially things that are very rare, and the Atlanta Constitution coverage sounds very interesting. I did receive your email and will respond and send you my mailing address. Thank you very much and we are so glad to have you here.

I had kept a collection of photos and articles of Susan from the time I was 13 years old until I was in my mid- thirties, but we had a fire in our apartment in the early 1980's and I lost all of my collection. It has been so wonderful to have the opportunity to start over with my interest in Susan and to have others share with me and the rest of the world.. many thanks to all!

Re: Delighted to have found this...

Hello Dorothy;
I am so pleased that you came cross this website on our Susan. It's a journey you will not soon forget.As for myself, my admiration for Susan goes back a long time like 1952, when I saw this beautiful lady singing her heart out in "With A Song In My Heart" it was later on that I found out that Jane Froman was actually doing the singing. I fell in love with Susan and today I still feel the same as I did in 1952. I haven't had the privileged to travel to Carrollton, but that is one of my goals in the future. I am so happy with my life long collection on this adorable lady and Ginger has taken the project of posting the photos and magazine covers that I have sent her. Welcome to this site and please come back soon. Drop me a line if you wish.
Take care......Ray