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Susan Hayward/Awards Photo/No. 3

This is a photo of Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward... Susan receiving the Golden Globe. I'm assuming Gregory Peck presented to her. Ray, I can't find the notes on these photos that you had sent, so please fill us in on the date, which film..etc...sorry, I can't put the photo and film time frame together...can anybody else help?.. thanks... (I'm thinking this would probably be for I'll Cry Tomorrow or I Want To Live.. not sure)

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I know that Susan won the Golden Globe award for Best Actress, Musical or Comedy, for 1952's With a Song in My Heart, so I imagine this is it!

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Gloria, I looked it up, and she also won a Golden Globe in 1959 for I Want To Live. I think this photo is from 1959. I've seen a film clip of the globe for WASIMH.. she was younger, her hair was longer, and there were photos with John Wayne.

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I did wonder about her hair length, believe it or not, but I didn't know she'd received another Golden Globe for IWTL. Makes sense, though.


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Hi,......Susan received her first Golden Globe award
(Hollywood Foreign Press Club on February 26, 1953 for "With A Song In My Heart" presented to her here by Gregory Peck at the Ambassador Hotel in LA, Calif.
Other nominees for musical/comedy that year were: Ginger Rodgers and Katherine Hepburn.
Susan's second Golden Globe was presented for her dramatic work in "I Want To Live" on March 5th, 1959 at the Cocanut Grove Ambassador Hotel. Other nominees that year were: Jean Simmons, Ingrid Bergman, Deborah Kerr and Shirley MacLaine. Susan also received Photoplay's Most Popular Movie Star Award in 1952 for WASIMH, with this award in her hands, Susan thought forsure she would appear on their magazine cover; but that dream would never come true. What a crime!!!

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Ray..thanks...Gloria, you are right...that is 1953 for WASIMH (with Peck)..

Now, I realize I was thinking about the Photoplay award when I was thinking about the younger picture.

Re: Susan Hayward/Awards Photo/No. 3

Hi Ray,

Why according to you ,was Susan always passed over and over again for the cover of Photoplay even when she won their prestigious golden medal as favourite actress for 1952 and was normally guaranteed to get it at last (as all other winners then did)

She is the only major female star in the history of Hollywood who never appeared on the cover of Photoplay!! :-(

what could be the reason for such a weird situation...as she was one of the most popular Hollywood female stars of the late fourties,the whole fifties decade and early sixties?

I 'd really like to know who was so influent at Photoplay then and must have disliked her that much to deprive her of an obvious exposure that a superstar of her stature should have received not only once by the way but several times..

i find it unacceptable from an "objective" magazine redaction during that time span of 1947 untill 1964 when Susan reigned as a superstar and was an incredible beauty and an ideal color cover feature!

I 'd really like to know the true reason why she never got that Photoplay cover while Jane Wyman,Lana Turner,Ava Gardner or even Deborah Kerr to only name a few did get theirs,repeatedly!

When she won the Photoplay best actress award it must have been a blow in Susan's face not to appear on the cover of this then famous and prestigious magazine at long last, while she had just been chosen the favourite actress of the Photoplay readers who massively had voted for her thanks to her triumphal movie "with a song in my heart".

Really this is one big charade in Susan's carreer and I really don't understand how Photoplay could ignore her when she was such a top star and a public favourite that long not to mention her great beauty!

Any idea , possible explanation for this quite scandalous and incomprehensible rejection?

Re: Susan Hayward/Awards Photo/No. 3

Hi Philippe,
I agree with you 100%. Photoplay magazine was the cadillac of movie magazines in it's time. Anyone who was anybody got their face on it's cover. As for Susan, I can't figure it out why she was ignored all those years. Even after some 50+ years, I have always tried to figure this mystery out. During this period, Susan got her STAR on the Walk of Fame, she had her footprints and handprints embedded at Grauman's Chinese Theater sprinkled in gold dust because her of box office appeal and was the only STAR to have this honor to this day. There are some personalities like Burt Reynolds, Dick Clark, Jackie O. among others like the ones you mentioned got photo on Photoplay cover. I was sick-n- tired to see Liz Taylor, Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds with their mugs on the Cover. Photoplay went out of business in the mid 80's along with the other movie magazines. I believe Dell Publishing Co. was the publisher. I know I am repeating myself and I probably will for a long time; but Susan was the most beautiful, talented, glamorous star in Hollywood during her career. SO why was she pasted by Photoplay is beyond me? Sometimes this can be a cruel,upsetting world and I am sure Susan was aware of it. There is a saying that goes something like this...."It's who you know in Hollywood that will get you there." and I am glad to say Susan did not fall for any of this crap. She got there the hard way and I am sure she stepped on some toes on the way UP to the TOP. That's the way, Susan.
I love it.

Re: Susan Hayward/Awards Photo/No. 3

susan hayward was and is the fairest of them all!!

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Christina -

I am sure I speak for all of us who post on this site - we heartily agree with your comment about Susan being the fairest of them all. Oh my goodness, she was stunningly beautiful and will always remain so in our hearts.