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I Want To Live/continued

Well, I'm still working on the January movie, I Want To Live. It's so powerful. It's best for me to watch it in small segments besides I've seen it many times in one sitting.

I saw a little stuffed Tiger lying on the floor of a store I was in a few days ago. It had been knocked down from a counter. It reminded me of the little stuffed Tiger , "Barbara" clung to so desperately throughout the film.. her only connection with her little boy. I almost bought it. I wish I had.

Tonight I saw the jail scene between Peg and Barbara. I always thought that this was such a sweet and touching scene.

Peg: "Would you believe it? I'm a real square. Thursday afternoon club, Holy Rosary Society, Community Chest, the works." Peg now had the so called mundane life that most would fine uneventful and boring, but compared to Barbara's situation, Peg had a life to be treasured. This scene always spoke to me. It says a lot about what it important in life.

Re: I Want To Live/continued


I always had trouble with one thing between Peg and Barbara, i.e., Peg's saying that her husband knew all about her previous life with Barbara, which of course meant that he meant they were both "B" girls.

I just found it hard to believe that a man would forgive that kind of past in his wife. But, hey, maybe that's just the jaded me, and Peg got that one man in a million!

I agree with you, though, that the scene between Peg and Barbara was very moving.

I am reminded of something I read in one of the books about Susan. If I'm not mistaken, it was the actress who played Peg who said (unlike someone else who said Susan was unmoved at her mother's death) that Susan spoke very movingly about her mother on the set at the time of her death. I hope I don't have this wrong; do you remember reading this, Ginger?

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Gloria, I think there are some guys who would forgive a woman's sordid past, and vice versa.. they are out there, but few and far between probably.

I can't remember the name of the actress who played Peg.. Virginia (Vincent?)..something like that-- I should look it up...I remember she always talked so favorably of Susan and her experience working with her in IWTL. It seems I do recall her saying that about Susan's reaction to her mother's death.

Re: I Want To Live/continued

Peg sure got herself a great guy indeed. I think it made a great difference when Peg told Barbara she came clean with her husband a long time ago. Instead of him finding it out some other way. I agree this was a special part of the film and touching, when Peg asked Barbara if she came bring Bobby there, Barbara exclaimed "NO, I don't want Bobby around here" it was something like that. Then the part when Peg stated, "It could have happened to me, were were so much alike" and Barbara "Ya, but does your man know about us, the way we were" stated Peg "When I told him I was coming to see you, do you know what he said, that's what friend are for" and Barbara said "He did" while holding back her tears. All the things I read and not able to read the writing on the wall." This was so dramatic, only Susan could have delivered such a scene.

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Yes, that line about all the things she had read but not being able to read the handwriting on the wall was a heart wrenching scene. Susan could run the gamut couldn't she? Just a little prior to that scene she was being the tough girl, hard as a rock, don't mess with me character when the cops had picked her up and they were grilling her. She could go from harsh to vulnerable to sweetness to arrogance in almost a split second it seemed...amazing. I've always been of awe of her acting ability. So much of her acting was with her eyes.

Re: I Want To Live/continued

I just looked up who played Barbara's sister in IWTL. Yes it was Virginia Vincent.

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You are so right about Susan's eyes. If the eyes are truly the mirror of the soul, then Susan's eyes had more clarity than any glass. Her eyes were remarkable in conveying the emotions of her character.

To me, Susan's eyes and the quality of her voice were her two biggest assets, even with her gorgeous looks. But they were what made her superior to other actresses.

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Gloria, you are correct about her eyes and voice, and then there is that distinctive walk.

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Gloria and Ginger,

Susan was definitely superior to other actresses as you said and she could certainly convey an emotion with just a glance.

I find her sometimes overwhelmingly beautiful - as a Hollywood photographer once said after seeing her that her beauty was distracting to him and that Susan and Lana Turner were the best looking of all the stars.

I agree with your comments about her eyes and voice and there was also the distinctive hair of which she was so proud.

We are so fortunate to be able to see Susan whenever we want ... I am presently watching MY FOOLISH HEART, one of my favourites.


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Trish, we'll have to make My Foolish Heart the April film!