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I Want To Live/More

When you watch IWTL again, notice the blouse/top that Susan is wearing in the courtroom scene--the scene when the cop double crosses her regarding the night she/Barbara was supposedly at the scene of the crime. The blouse looks exactly like the one, just from memory, of the one she wore in WASIMH (The Right Kind song)--the same blouse that Marilyn Monroe wore in those 20th century fox days ( wardrobe dept..)--don't remember the film that Marilyn wore it in.

Well, this would have been about 6 years later, so probably not the same blouse!

Re: I Want To Live/More

Polka dots must have really "in" then...saw Susan wearing them in a courtroom scene, and then more ladies wearing them in some crowd scenes.

Re: I Want To Live/More


The Marilyn film was "Bus Stop". I too have often wondered if it was the same blouse in "I Want To Live" but have never compared them picture for picture.


Re: I Want To Live/More

I, too, have read that the blouse Susan wore in that scene in WASIMH was the same one worn by Marilyn Monroe in one of her films. However, I don't know which Monroe film since I never watched Monroe. Frankly, I couldn't stand her.

It wouldn't surprise me, though, if it were the same, that several years had passed between uses. I imagine the studio wardrobe departments kept things around as long as possible to save money and that, if necessary, wordrobe women would make alterations when required.

Re: Re: I Want To Live/More

Okay, now I do remember that it was Bus Stop/Marilyn.

IWTL wasn't associated with Twentieth Century Fox to my knowledge. Maybe Susan got it back before leaving 20th Century Fox, kept it in the closet for 6 years, and then wore it in IWTL...well, I've got stuff in my closet that's been there for much more than six years.. ha

I'll have to try to compare those scenes from the films... such a small thing, but it's making me curious.. ha