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Michael in Europe

My son, Michael and his amour Amiee Broudeur are currently traveling in Europe.Amiee is a great photographer and a pretty good writer. It is (almost) possible to follow their adventures in real time. Bonjourcheeses Blog here:

Tim Barker

Ginger: added'yer site to my links!!!

Re: Michael in Europe

Tim, thanks for posting Michael and Aimee's blog. They look like they are having a great time. I am enjoying the blogging.

Also, thank you very much for the "My Mom"/Susan Hayward link. I appreciate it!

Re: Michael in Europe

Foodie heaven. The Paris munchies are as tempting as I recall from years ago. Amazing how at that age we seem to be able to hurl a warehouse full of calories, accompanied by lashings of wine, down our throats and not seem to gain much weight.
Then you get to middle age and just walking past a Patisserie drops a few pounds around your midriff.

The trip is going nicely. I suspect they will possibly want to go rambling overseas again after they get home and settle back in. Thanks for the post Tim.


Re: Michael in Europe


Many thanks for enabling us to read of Michael and Aimee's travels. I am enjoying it immensely and looking forward to hearing about each day. It sounds as though they are having a wonderful time.