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Susan's Niece

Hi everyone:

I came across this item from a 1996 N.Y. Daily News gossip column. I thought it was quite interesting because I always wondered what happened to Susan's niece. It appears that Moira is doing quite well financially. Also interesting that she met with Beverly Linet. Enjoy!

Saks sacked
Saks Fifth Ave. found itself in an embarrassing position over the holidays, and it had nothing to do with wintry, X-rated window displays. It had to do with all the explaining they had to do when the store's alterations department was ripped off a few days after Christmas.
Apparently, a thief walked into said department and walked away with a $1,400 coat, a suit and a dress, among other things. The coat belonged to Moira Dietrich, the niece of Susan Hayward.
Dietrich was in town to celebrate her birthday at Nirvana with her famous aunt's biographer, Beverly Linet, and figured she'd get the buttons replaced while she was here. While she says Saks has agreed to replace the coat, she still says she's devastated. "I'm heartbroken because they don't make that coat anymore," she said.
A Saks spokesman initially denied knowledge of the embarrassing theft, but a source inside the store confirmed it.

Re: Susan's Niece


Many thanks for posting this as it makes interesting reading to know Moira is doing O.K. in life.


Re: Susan's Niece

I, too, have wondered whatever happened to Moira. I also wonder what she was doing meeting Beverly Linet! Was there to have been another Susan Hayward book from Linet that never happened? Hmmmm.