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Susan/Awards Photo From Ray/No. 4

This is the 4th and last of the "awards" photos that Ray sent. I didn't post this at the top because I didn't think it was a very flattering photo of Susan.. my opinion only...I just think she was much more beautiful than this photo implies. It is a good photo of Eaton, however.

Ray, was this taken during the "Person To Person" interview?

Thanks for the photo, Ray, and all you do to contribute here.

Re: Susan/Awards Photo From Ray/No. 4/oops

Sorry, I had forgotten to post the photo previously..here it is:

Re: Susan/Awards Photo From Ray/No. 4/oops


I believe this picture was taken the day after Susan won the Oscar as the caption under my picture reads "reading congratulatory telegrams April 7th after Oscar win April 6th".


Re: Susan/Awards Photo From Ray/No. 4


I agree with you that this is not a good photo of Susan. I think it was retouched by someone with a heavy hand at the newspaper. I remember they used to do this quite a bit in the old days, particularly if a photo was too light and the facial features faded out. The results of this ill-advised technique were always disastrous.