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Tim's Blog

I've got a link now to Tim's blog on Susan's homepage...underneath the slideshow, on the right.. there is a flyfish graphic just above the link (thought that was appropriate!)

Re: Tim's Blog

Having a link to Tim Barker's fly fishing blog is a great idea ! Thanks Ginger. Hope you are feeling lots better by the time you read this. ~ ANN ~

Re: Tim's Blog

Hi Ginger,

Alas I cannot find the link to Tim's blog on Susan's site..have had an in depth look,also in the area of the slide show but could not find it..:-(

Re: Tim's Blog

Thanks, Ann. I'm feeling much better..staying home one more day, will get back to work tomorrow.

Phillie- Under the slideshow, there is a quote by Tim in "white type" and then under that is a flyfish graphic with the link to his site. It says "Click Here.".....It should be showing up for you.

Re: Tim's Blog

Thanks Ginger...I got "it" now! :-)

Take care


Re: Tim's Blog

Phillipe, okay, good.