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"Win or lose, I'll sell a lot of newspapers."/I Want To Live

I have always thought that Susan was very motherly and good with children in all the scenes in which she appeared with them. I had totally forgotten about the scene in IWTL when "Bobby" was about 18 months or maybe 2 years old, and she sang that little "wibble wobble" song to him in the film, such a natural and touching scene for her. I also just noticed in my recent viewing of the film that there were little scribble pictures ( two of them) on the wall by "Barbara's" bed with Bobby's name on them.

Do you remember the scene in the film where the reporter tells Susan of the psychiatrist's death. It was raining outside, a slow, pouring raing against the glass. It just seemed to add to the sadness and hopelessness of the scene. Robert Wise was a remarkable director.

A little trivia for you...do you remember what the name(character's name) of "Barbara's" female guard who was closet to her in the last few scenes?..also, what derogatory name did "Barbara" give one of the female gaurds when she was first delivered to the gas chamber holding cell? Susan delivered it with such derision. Nobody could do it better than her! No one could smoke on screen better than Susan either, although , it's painful to watch it now because more than likely aided in shortening Susan's life.



"My name is Barbara too." - spoken by the female guard near the end of the film.

"Fat stuff" I believe was what Barbara Graham said to the Matron. "I would get someone like you fat stuff!"
This was quite strange as the lady wasn't fat, just well made in my opinion.


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Trish, that's what I had thought too.."ah, she's not so fat."... it didn't seem to hurt her feelings.. ha

Anyway, I forgot to mention that the scene where the two guys are mixing up the chemicals for the gas chamber just makes my blood turn cold. You would think they were mixing up a batch of margaritas....IWTL is one of the most stark films I have ever scene. I think I'd rate it as No. 2 on my list and "In Cold Blood" as No. 1.

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and Trish, you were right about the more compassionate female guard being named "Barbara."