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Susan Hayward Film Of The Month/My Foolish Heart

Feel free to comment as you watch it.

Other films we are focusing on are :

January -- I Want to Live
February - With A Song In My Heart
March - The Fighting Seabees

Re: Susan Hayward Film Of The Month/My Foolish Heart


This film has a special place in my heart as it was where I first saw Susan and realised how much I admired her.

The continuity girl slipped up in one scene, just after the announcement on the car radio regarding Pearl Harbour when Eloise and Walt were separated by the crowds. Eloise goes back into the football stadium and as she is walking up some steps, the ties around her snood are visible at the back. At the top of the steps they are in place around her neck.

It looks like Susan's stand-in is filmed getting out of the station wagon and running into the office to be told of Walt's death with Susan herself appearing on the other side of the door.

Susan is beautiful in every scene in this film and it is a joy to see her using her eyes to convey every emotion. The music certainly added to the mood too.

I really LOVE this film.


Re: Susan Hayward Film Of The Month/My Foolish Heart

Trish, I'll have to watch for those two "off" scenes when I view it again.

What I remember most from this film is the music and also Susan's beauty and how well she complemented Dana Andrews (don't know if they got along or not off camera--can't remember what I had read about that--?)..she, of course, also appeared with him in "Canyon Passage."

BTW, Dana Andrews' daughter, (whose name is Susan) and Robert Ryan's daughter, Lisa, are friends and they have a nice interview about their fathers at my homepage for Robert Ryan. I can't recall in the interview if the films with Susan Hayward were mentioned. I think I would have remembered that.

"My Foolish Heart" is one of the most beautiful melodies ever written...lyrics aren't bad either! I like the rendition of the song of the singer. I can't remember at which point of the film this was.. maybe when she had told her father her situation while they were at a club for dinner?...not sure