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Another Susan

I rarely steer away from discussion of "our" Susan, but I came upon youtube clip of another "Susan" this week. This will absolutely amaze and lift your spirits, and then again "our" Susan "dreamed a dream."

Trish, I bet you are familiar with Susan Boyle. What is the status of the contest? Am I way behind? I have just heard of this woman and her beautiful voice.

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Re: Another Susan


So many people I know are talking about this lady - Susan Boyle. What an amazing voice she has and she will probably go far on Britain's Got Talent contest.
She just appeared last Saturday on the show.


Re: Another Susan

Okay, I brought it in just a little less pixel wise than I had previously..how is this working..?...I can read everything fine from my end.

Re: Another Susan/oops

sorry, I put this message to Trish under the wrong post.

BTW.. I bet Susan Boyles WINS!