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Ernie Likes Susan

Hi all:

I just finished reading Ernest Borgnine's autobiography, and he mentioned working with Susan in "Demetrius and the Gladiators."

Saying he got the part with "the wonderful Susan Hayward heading the cast," he wrote the following:

"Susan Hayward was a doll--beautiful, funny, talented, about as unaffected as a superstar could be."

He was less enthusiastic about Victor Mature, who I believe said Susan was aloof and cold. Guess she liked Ernie better. He's a New Yorker after all.

It's a fun book, by the way, as easygoing as he seems to be.


Re: Ernie Likes Susan

Thanks for that, Jill. I'd like to read that book at some point. Ernest Borgnine always seemed to be such a warm, down to earth, natural person..probably being from New York and also his sincere style was something Susan appreciated . I always think of him as "Marty."