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I Want To Live/January Movie/Final

I finished I Want To Live this afternoon. I watched it slowly and more analytically. One always sees something new and different this way. I had forgotten little things like Barbara wearing the fake earrings to her execution (I wonder if in reality , would this have been allowed?)...I also noticed the soft jazz music in the end while "Barbara" was dying...and I had never noticed "Montgomery" turning off his old fashioned hearing aid at the end.

Did anyone recognize Dabbs Greer, one of the guards at the end,as being in the film The Green Mile with Tom Hanks.. I may be mistaken, but I think Greer was in The Green Mile. I'll look that up. I have seen Greer in much film and television.

I think it will be another year before I'll watch it again. It's just hard too take.

Re: I Want To Live/January Movie/Final

Yes, Dabbs Greer played the old "Paul Edgecomb" (Tom Hanks) in the film ,"The Green Mile."