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Photo From Trish/No. 2

I think this is a beautiful picture of Susan although it was obviously toward the end of her life. Trish , was this at the Oscars--maybe before or after?

Re: Photo From Trish/No. 2


I love this picture too - Susan looked just beautiful. Written on the back is the notation "L.A. Dinner" 1973.

I have a couple of others taken at the same time (I will forward these) and showing Susan to be wearing a yellow/gold colour dress under her coat and the heavy necklace and matching earrings (jade?) which I have seen in other pictures around that time. The dress looks similar to the one she is wearing in the picture Tim posted with him holding Nadia at her christening.


Re: Photo From Trish/No. 2


I think this photo was taken at Chasen's. That's one of the famous, now shuttered eateries, that was a "must" in LA during the Golden Age. The post in the background seems to be the tip-off...BTW, on the other photo, taken at The "Lost Horizons" premiere, I was there and was THAT a hoot...thanks for the memories...


Re: Photo From Trish/No. 2


Thanks for letting me know the photo was taken at Chasen's. It is really good to have your input on this site.

Did you mean The Lost Horizon was a hoot? I saw it on TV years back and am inclined to agree with you!

The photos of your mother are lovely and I really treasure them.