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Todd Fisher @Debbie Reynolds Museum

I was really anxious to find out what costumes where in display at Debbie Reynolds museum. I e-mailed customer service and I received a reply from Todd Fisher and here are the items they have.
2 gowns from With a Song in My Heart
2 from Demetius and the Gladiators
1 outfit from White Witch Doctor
1 from The President's Lady.
He sent me the attachments to view them, but for some reason I am not able to open them up. Oh Boy.!! I have to work on this, wish me luck.!!!

Re: Todd Fisher @Debbie Reynolds Museum

Ray, that is really neat that you heard back from Todd Fisher,also the costume info is interesting.

Do you want to try forwarding the email to me? Maybe I can open up the attachments--maybe not, but it might be worth a try.

If I can open them, I could go ahead and post them here if you wanted.

Well, good luck. I hope this works out somehow.

Re: Todd Fisher @Debbie Reynolds Museum

I just now forwared the e-mail I received from Todd Fisher. Let me know when you received it. Thanks

Re: Todd Fisher @Debbie Reynolds Museum


I can hardly wait to see the costumes. Good work, Ray!

Re: Todd Fisher @Debbie Reynolds Museum

Thanks to Jill for opening the door.

Re: Todd Fisher @Debbie Reynolds Museum/Photo 1

Both of the photos that Todd Fishersent either did not come through fully or it's just the way he sent them, but here is the first one below. Both costumes are from WASIMH, but I don't recognize this particular one. Do You?

Re: Todd Fisher @Debbie Reynolds Museum/Photo 2

From the "Blue Moon" scene.