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May Movie/The President's Lady

This is one of my very favorite Susan roles.

Remember the Susan movies of the months....I'm still behind but have to take it slow with watching and comments.

January - I Want To Live
February - With A Song In My Heart
March - The Fighting Seabees
April - My Foolish Heart
May - The President's Lady

Watch and comment on these as you can.. thanks!

Re: May Movie/The President's Lady


I didn't know March was "Seabees" month, or I would have commented on it. I don't have "My Foolish Heart" or "President's Lady," so I might actually order them (if I can find them).

I do have "Seabees," so is it okay if I comment on that film now? If so, I'll give it another look.

Re: May Movie/The President's Lady

Gloria, in regard to Seabees,.. of course! I'm just trying to help us focus on one a month. I get behind on them, but anytime you want to comment on any of them that's fine.

All I have of The President's Lady is an old vhs copy...I think and it and My Foolish Heart is on dvd somewhere on line...do a search...I'll check out ebay for you and see if they have them.. they probably aren't great copies because they are more than likely bootlegged..They might have been released legitimately, but I'm not real sure.

Re: May Movie/The President's Lady/ebay

Gloria..The President's Lady can be purchased on dvd at ebay.. for 8.00.. you can click the "buy now" button...click the below website...you might have to be a member of ebay, not sure...if you want to purchase and have trouble, let me know...maybe I can help.

Re: May Movie/The President's Lady/ebay./and My Foolish Heart/ebay

There is a vhs of My Foolish Heart on ebay.. for 24.95...click the website link below.. that's pretty expensive! My vhs copy is not a great one. I probably need to purchase another, but I try to hold out to get if off of cable.

Re: May Movie/The President's Lady/ebay./and My Foolish Heart/ebay/oops

oops.. sorry that last link for My Foolish Heart was a bad one.. try the one below.

Re: May Movie/The President's Lady/ebay./and My Foolish Heart/ebay/oops

The My Foolish Heart link is not working.. you can go to ebay.com and type in My Foolish Heart Susan Hayward.. and it will take you to the page where it can be bought.