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Susan on Dick Cavett

I just discovered this site due to imdb and I think it is great -- Susan Hayward has always been one of my favorite film stars ....

On another board , this interview was brought up -- honestly I don't remember this and I was a big fan of the Cavett show, Can anyone confirm this 90 minute interview? If so, when did it happen?? And why didn't Cavett release this on his movie greats collection? does anyone have this ?

Re: Susan on Dick Cavett

Hello Philip,

I have never heard of Dick Cavett and can't find anything on him - can you tell me how to access this please.


Re: Susan on Dick Cavett

Trish, Dick Cavett was a famous talk show host in the 25 or 30 years ago. He is still living.. does radio interviews and also has a column in The New York Times.

I had never heard of this interview. Could it be confused with the Joey Bishop Show interview?

Philip, where did you read the info about Dick Cavett/Susan Hayward?

Re: Susan on Dick Cavett

It was posted on the FILM SCORE MONTHLY message board under the thread about the CD of ILL CRY TOMORROW(which I highly recommend - it has all of Susan's original vocals)...
Someone claims that Susan prerecorded all her songs for WITH A SONG IN MY HEART and that she discussed this on Dick Cavett's show -- I wondered if it was confused with Joey Bishop too...but that wasn't a full show interview , was it?

Re: Susan on Dick Cavett

It wasn't Dick Cavett. She talked about the prerecorded songs on Joey Bishop's show, the transcript of which was on this site. Is it still available, Ginger?

Many times people say things on message boards that are incorrect. Reader beware!


Re: Susan on Dick Cavett

My mother was never interviewed by Dick Cavett...