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With A Song In My Heart/Special Features

You know, somehow I had previously missed the John Burn segment. He was extremely revealing in his discussion of Jane. I had not realized that he was so much younger than Jane when they were married. He was only 24. I would think that she would have been probably in her late 30's but not sure.

After viewing the special features , I think that the film very closely followed Jane's life up the point in time that it was made.

Jane seems to have had a terrible struggle with drugs, alcohol, and depression later, from what I understand, but she just had been in a lot of physical pain for much of her life after the crash.

I have met Ilene Stone who was interviewed on one of the special features and also Carole Kennedy, the fan that had become close to Jane. Actually, from my understanding, and from my talks with those who I visisted with at a couple of Jane Froman reunions that I attended, it seemed that Jane was extemely generous with her fans and had somewhat of a following whom she met with in her home when she lived in New York. Even after moving to Columbia, Mo., her fans who had first come to know her in their teenage days, had remained close to her and often visited her in her home there.

It seems that Jane and Susan really liked each other but from what I can gather they pretty much lost touch over the years. I do remember reading that Susan had sent Jane a wedding gift when Jane married Mr. Smith. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

Jane Froman fans love Susan Hayward also and they are so appreciative of Susan's genius portrayal of Jane.
The Jane Froman group meets every year in Columbia, Missouri around October. They are a loyal group who are dedicated collectors of Jane Froman's memorabilia and recordings. They have such a deep love and respect for Jane Froman. I enjoyed both reunions that I attended. Actually they have people from all over the US and some from other countries gather at these reunions. I'm really lucky that I only live a couple of hours away from Columbia. There really is no excuse for me not to attend all of them. I'll really try to make the one this coming October.

It's so nice to know that Jane Froman's life and Susan Hayward's portrayal of Jane is being honored and kept alive.

Anyone who watches With A Song In My Heart is really not the same ever again. The film and Susan's portrayal just reaches down and grabs you and won't ever let go.

I've really enjoyed watching the film again AND the special features.

Re: With A Song In My Heart/Special Features


You are so right about "With a Song in My Heart" reaching out and grabbing you! That's how I became a Susan Hayward fan, and it also got me interested in Jane Froman (whom, I admit, I hadn't previously known, I guess, because I wasn't from that era).

I remember reading somewhere that Jane claimed her marriage to John Burn ended because of their different interests. (I suppose the difference in age played into that, too; and I had known about that difference). So it was difficult to hear him say, on the WASIMH features, that her drinking was the cause of the marriage's failure, because her personality changed when she drank. I can believe this, since my best friend was an alcoholic whose personality changed for the worst when she drank (and who died at age 51). But having said this, I still wish John Burn hadn't said that on the DVD.

If you do go to the Jane Froman meetings this year, I -- and I'm sure others -- would love to hear about it.

Re: With A Song In My Heart/Special Features

It was a little eerie, but the day after I had been listening to the John Burn narrative, I noticed on my Jane Froman site that Sean Burn, the son of John Burn, had written in my Jane Froman guestbook! He had written a note in October, 2007!...and I had overlooked it. I posted a message of reply underneath his note, so maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll hear from him again. He said he was doing some research on his father's life.

Re: With A Song In My Heart/Special Features


That is interesting about Sean Burn. Let us know if he gets back to you with any more info.