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Photo From Trish/No. 7

Not sure where or when this was taken...Trish, do you know?

Re: Photo From Trish/No. 7

It may have been sometime in the early 70's, I believe. The necklace Susan is wearing here looks like the one she is wearing in an article I have from a tabloid, stating that Susan was near death. The look on Susan's face looks grim. Just my guess>>>

Re: Photo From Trish/No. 7

This photo of Susan said "1973" on the back. I think
it may have been taken at the same time as Photo No. 2
from me. Tim wrote in about that one that "it may have been taken at Chasen's". I have a few similar shots taken at the same time presumably. I really treasure these candid ones of Susan and am happy you are able to see them too.