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Hello Everyone...Sorry, I've been busy with shows. I will be opening another show in July. Playing Dr. Chumley in "HARVEY" at the NEIL SIMON FESTIVAL in Cedar City, Utah...(Yes.."Harvey" is NOT a play by Simon, but they do other shows, along with the Simon plays.)

I was just checking out the line-up for FOX MOVIE CHANNEL for today and see that they are playing the film
that SUSAN...refused to do..in 1956, shortly after her big hit "I'LL CRY TOMORROW" in 1955.

The film is "HILDA CRANE" and if you have never seen this, truly B film, that they were forcing on Susan after just coming off the heights of "TOMORROW", you would be in for a 'treat' as to how a studio could have helped to ruin her, being on TOP and expecting her to do a film like this one! She was later forced into doing a couple of other films that she HAD to do in order to get out of the FOX contract...but I have always admired her for turning this 'thing' down.

It was also pushed off on some other top FOX stars and the, too, refused to do the film. It finally went to JEAN SIMMONS and GUY MADISON.

It is not that it's such a BAD film..as that it is a truly B film that FOX was pushing (who knows WHY) hoping it to fall into the A grade..which even with SIMMONS,..it did not boost it to a higher grade than a B...and that's where it belongs!

I'm planning to record this one. Just have to have it because of 'the history' behind it and the studio and SUSAN standing up for her rights as a top star, at the time, which could have made her look, by many, as being 'an idiot' for accepting such a role.

AN IDIOT she never was!..and she saw this as a very wrong vehicle for her...and BOY was SHE RIGHT!!

Have fun...if you happen to catch it. It is scheduled in my area, to show within the next two hours....