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I have noticed that no one seems to want to comment on any of my new posts...so it could be that I am being shunned for not being over her too often. SORRY...but I don't always have a way to be on here, if I am doing a show.

Nevertheless...when reading some of the posts on buying Susan films, I did have a suggestion. This, of course, won't give you a 'store bought copy' with maybe a couple of photo shots from the film...but sometimes you can't have IT ALL.

I have built up many of my Susan film collections from TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES..making vhs copies. You are sure to get the highest quality that tv has on her films, if you get copies from their library, because they never play scratched up or films that have been run to death and loose their color or black and white images.

I am sure not going to pay almost 30.00 for a copy off ebay of MY FOOLISH HEART when I can get a crisp, like new copy right off TCM. I have even doubled and sometimes tripled my copies of some of her films and they have been better than the ones I have paid high prices for.

For some titles that I did this with are..MY FOOLISH HEART, SMASH-UP (the store bought was AWFUL) "ADA",
"THE LUSTY MEN", "AMONG THE LIVING", "CHANGE OF HEART", "THE HAIRY APE", "GARDEN OF EVIL", "THEY WON'T BELIEVE ME", "I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE","HOUSE OF STRANGERS".. yOu will also get them in letter-box here. I have bought 'other' films that I thought I was getting a good deal on and when I get them from (Columbia House) they were NEVER in letter-box and half the film was lost..EXAMPLE.."Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"
"How to Marry a Millionaire" "The Seven Year Itch" and you lost half of the film.

You can do the same with FOX, since they are now showing a lot more of Susan's films (well...not A LOT just...more often) but that's where I got better copies too of.."SOLDIER OF FORTUNE", "DEMETRIUS AND THE GLADIATORS" and "I'D CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN".

Just..a...thought...You really don't have to go without copies of these gems..if you can settle for vhs AND copy it yourself.


Hi Errol,

This is such a good idea and something I have always done. Many of my collection on Susan have been taped from the tv from back in the 1980's and they are still going strong.

I too have been disappointed with the quality of some bought dvd's but others have been brilliant, even though they are copies. It is very frustrating when a dvd is not available in Region 2 as I can't play Region 1. Although I would love to replace some of the movies for better copies, I love them all as Susan looks fantastic in anything.