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I was listening to one of Susan's old Lux Radio Shows today - The Petrified Forest - also starring Ronald Colman. It was broadcast on 23rd April, 1945 and I was thinking how thrilled she must have been after watching him so many times in The Prisoner of Zenda, to actually be on stage with him. No doubt you will all remember the story of her trying to change her Brooklyn accent by copying Colman's English accent.
She certainly succeeded too as many of her words are spoken the British way.

When Susan was interviewed at the end of the programme, Tim and Greg were mentioned as being new arrivals (Colman had a 9 month old daughter at that time) and Susan herself said both the boys were redheads!

I love these radio shows and they are for sale quite often on e.Bay. I would advise any fan to get them.



Trish, I love the radio shows too. I think I probably bought most of them on CD from ebay. Susan had such a wonderful radio voice, and yes , I'm sure she must have thought back to her days of studying Ronald Colman when she was doing this particular show.


I recommend this to all fans., and I've listened to it a few times, probably not as often as I should. Those old radio broadcasts are something else. I remember listening to many of them as a kid living on the west side flats of St. Paul. Television had not even come around yet, so we sat around the old radio and listened to many good programs. Bring me back those days. Thanks Trish for bringing it to our attention, I'll have to find my copy and give it a listen.


As I get older, I've come to love radio more and more. I didn't have any earlier appreciation of it because I think we got our first tv when I was three so I don't recall listening to the radio a lot. My dad was a radio announcer in a small town for many years, but, at the time, being somewhat rebellious, I didn't want to listen to hometown radio. Now, I'm totally addicted to it.. mostly talk radio, but there are so many wonderful old time radio sites on the net and they are also available in book stores, music stores, etc. There is something very soothing about listening to the radio at night when it's the end of the day and you can just close your eyes and actually "imagine."


Ginger (and all):

Like you, I love listening to old radio shows, including those with Susan. There is something so soothing about relaxing and listening to a radio program.

When I was an advertising copywriter, radio was the medium that most interested me. It was the hardest for a writer, since there was no visual to help get your points across, as in TV. We more or less had to create our own "visuals" with our words and phrasing. While that was a real challenge, when it worked it was the most satisfying to a writer.

While I do enjoy listening to some radio talk shows, I am saddened that many of them aim for shock value instead of creativity. I wish more of the old-timers would come back so we can enjoy them again.
And, of course, any radio shows with our Susie.


Trish...I'm sure glad that I'm not the only one who enjoys the old radio programs. I use them every night to fall asleep...but sometimes they keep me up and I continue through most of the night..(lol)

Right now I am in a 'THE SHADOW'..mood and got a lot of these off a site on the internet. I will look it up and send it to you.

I also buy a lot of them from radiospirits.com. I have ALL of the AMOS N' ANDY that they have avaliable. Also a BIG FAN of..."THE WHISTLER", "SUSPENSE", "ROCKY JORDAN" and "LIGHTS OUT".."INNER SANCTUM" too! Their collection on LUX RADIO THEATER is not very good..and at one time I did have SUSAN in "MY FOOLISH HEART" on LUX in 1962 as a re-relase on that one..but I have lost it somehow.

I used to go to sleep..or listen before sleeping..to my big collection of music..JULIE LONDON, DORIS DAY, FRANK SINATRA, CARLY SIMON, NINA SIMONE, PEGGY LEE and JUNE CHRISTY..some of my favorites...but once I got hooked on the old radio shows..I haven't gone back to my music for years now.

"OUR MISS BROOKS", "MY FRIEND IRMA", "HENRY ALDRICH" are some of the comedies I have...and then "THE JACK BENNY SHOW" with his next door neighbor..RONALD COLEMAN. OOOHHH...what great entertainment this stuff really is...