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Ray's Photo Collection/No. 25

Ray, was this a magazine cover? If so, which magazine?

It looks like the Back Street days. Isn't this a beautiful photo of a more mature Susan? This is the time period that I first recognized her in films.

Thanks for the photo Ray, and for sharing your beautiful collection!

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 25

Many thanks to Ray and Ginger.

This is one of my all-time favourite pictures of Susan. Yes, it is from Back Street and I absolutely love it.


Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 25

Yes, I too remember that this was a photo of Susan in "Back Street." However, I can't remember if this was was she was wearing in the scene when she's talking to her boss, Dalian, after which she goes to lunch and happens upon her long-lost-love, Paul; or if this was the suit she was wearing later on in the film when she's waiting on the sidewalk in Paris for Paul to pick her up in his car.

If the suit is from the later scene on the sidewalk, and that was really Susan (shot from the back) waiting, then I have to say I did not like the suit on her. I think it accented her small stature, and it made her look a little too old and, I'm afraid, a little too heavy. (Again, if that was our Susan waiting on the sidewalk.)

Hey, please don't be angry with me. I loved the woman. But I just didn't like this particular suit (or was it a coat?) on her.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 25

The photo is from her talk with boss, Dalian.