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I caught a small ad for the showing of "I WANT TO LIVE!"
last week, which is to air this afternoon on TCM. It was director ROBERT WISE talking about SUSAN and her great performance...plus showing the scene from when they bring her little boy to see her in prison and the nasty newswoman...asking Susan how it feels seeing her son..knowing she is going to the gas chamber.

They usually don't show these 'small clips' on Susan's films, before showing them on TCM..so I was glad to see this one done. They are starting to show more of her films on that channel now and I am so glad. I have sent many requests in..for her films to be seen, so others might get to know her. I've been doing it for over three years..and I think others have done the same. Maybe it is finally paying off!!

AIRING TIME FOR ME...on Mountain Standard Time is 1:30 pm..today...