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I don't know if anyone else has seen this clip which I just found on You Tube. I happened to see mention of Anna Magnani and her Oscar (shame on the Academy for passing over Susan) for The Rose Tattoo in 1956.

To my delight, it showed a clip of Susan arriving at the awards and also of her with the boys - I believe Eaton is to the side of them but it didn't show him.

You can find it under L'Oscar ad Anna Magnani and Susan is 39 seconds into the clip. I couldn't watch any more as it still hits a nerve all these years later that the wonderful Susan didn't get her deserved Oscar for I'll Cry Tomorrow!

Happy viewing.



HI Trish...I haven't been able to check out the clip, but I did want to mention...(and I may be mistaken) but I don't think..whoever...the other man in the clip is...
it surely wouldn't be Eaton..would it??? I don't think Eaton and Susan were involved, or maybe even knew one another, at the time of I'LL CRY TOMORROW. That relationship would have been way after this film, since she was just getting over the divorce from Jess and then the 'Red' Barry thing happened.

Again...I may be wrong...so maybe someone else can check this out and give some 'in-put' on this.


Hi Errol,

Regarding your query about Eaton being with Susan at the Academy Awards 1956 - I have pictures of them, together with Tim and Greg at this event. I believe Susan met Eaton in December 1955 at Vincent Flaherty's Christmas party so that was a month or so after the Don Barry episode. As we all know, they were married 8th February, 1957.



Yes, there is a picture of Eaton with Susan and the boys at this particular event--located in the "family photos" section of my website.

Trish, thanks for the youtube clip info.. it is great. I had never seen it. The boys are so adorable.
I love the clip.


Thanks Trish for this clip, I believe I have this shot somewhere, also showing Eaton to the left of Susan, unless the photo is reversed. But it is a wonderful clip, thanks again. I am sure the guy's were all excited with their mother being nominated again and this time a sure win.....but unfortunately it did not turn out that way, like you mentioned. I've also been upset about this poor choice for many, many, years. That's Hollywood.