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Ann Rule/Susan Hayward

I am an Ann Rule fan. Ann Rule writes true crime books. She is a very prolific and famous writer-- and she writes very lovingly and beautifully about the victims and their families in her books.

Just recently, I had decided that I wanted to start with square one regarding Ann Rule. As far as I can tell "The Want-Ad Killer" is her first book. It was originally written under her pen name of Andy Stack (she used this name when she wrote for detective magazines and when she first was writing in book form). The date of publication was Sept. 1983.

At the beginning of chapter two of "The Want-Ad Killer" she is discussing the brother of the victim of this particular book. His name was Kenny. I'll copy what Ann wrote. I thought it might be somewhat interesting to you since she mentions Susan Hayward:

"Kathy had been quick to sit up, crawl,walk, and talk but Kenny seemed slow to develop. He was a big husky boy and Mary told herself that each child might be expected to mature at his own rate, that Kenny was slower because he was a boy. It did not occur to her then, although it would later, that Kenny had been born during the fall-out from the atomic energy tests on the Utah desert. It did not occur to anyone living in the area that there might be danger hiding in the great mushroom clouds that ballooned over the desert and then dissipated and fell to earth. It would be years before residents in the little Utah towns nearby began to succumb to cancer in proportions far greater than the average. Young wives miscarried, and babies were born with anomalies that could not be explained. Indeed there would be speculation that the deaths of John Wayne, Susan Hayward, and Dick Powell, along with other members of the cast and crew of "The Conqueror" --a film about Ghengis Kahn that was shot on the Utah desert in 1956-might be traced to that lethal fallout.