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Susan and ... Cy Feuer?

Just got through reading the autobiography of Cy Feuer, producer of "Guys and Dolls," How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," and other hit Broadway shows.

I never thought Susan would be mentioned in this book, but lo and behold, Feuer devotes several pages to his purported one-year "love affair" with Susan when she was 22 and he was 29. According to him, they met on the set of "Sis Hopkins" when he was the music director for Republic Pictures. Actually, he said he had an eye for both Susan and her sister Florence, who was also visiting the set, but thought he had a better chance with Florence. However, Susan made it known that she liked him. He said that once they became a couple it was difficult to find time alone together because they both lived with their mothers.

The only sour note in Feuer's recounting is that he mentions Susan's "glorious red hair and green eyes." Not very observant, I would say, or time has clouded his memory. We all know Susan's eyes were not green.

Anyway, he said that Susan was very nice, "in a tough, scrappy kinda way. She liked me, I thought, because we had the same Brooklyn edge. She didn't take any crap and neither did I." He said they eventually just drifted away from each other, but obviously she made a great impact on him while it lasted.

Can't possibly relate all he wrote about her, but the book is worth reading if you can check it out at your local library. It's called "I Got The Show Right Here."

As I say, it was a real treat to suddenly be reading about Susan when I hadn't expected it.


Re: Susan and ... Cy Feuer?

Would like to read others' comments on this supposed relationship. What say you ?

Re: Susan and ... Cy Feuer?

Thanks for the tip, Jill. I love to read movie/history books about that time period.. late 30's early to mid 40's...Sis Hopkins is an interesting film and Susan Hayward and Judy Canova were a unique combination. I'm going to the library this week-end ( to pay a fine.. ha)..will look for the book.

Re: Susan and ... Cy Feuer?

I love to read anything and everything pertaining to Susan. Amazon.com has this book in paperback starting at .72 cents, Yup!! to $1.99 and up. Was printed in August 2005. So glad Jill brought this find to our attention. Thanks.

Re: Susan and ... Cy Feuer?


Hope you can find the book at your library or maybe you can get the paperback online like Ray did.

I agree with you about liking the books of that time period. Lately, I have been reading a lot of bios. I am now reading Christopher Plummer's book. Very interesting.


Re: Susan and ... Cy Feuer?


I am so pleased that I piqued your interest in the book. That's great that you found it on Amazon. I didn't think it came out in paperback. Some of the hardcover books don't, particularly if there is no real interest in the original hardcover.

I must say I depend on my library a lot because I read books so fast, and it doesn't pay for me to buy them -- although I do buy some, especially if I can get the person to autograph them, as I did with Cloris Leachman and Debbie Reynolds! Otherwise, I have no more room in my book collection.

Take care.