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Susan Hayward Film of the Month/August/I Can Get It For You Wholesale

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Re: Susan Hayward Film of the Month/August/I Can Get It For You Wholesale

This is one of my favorite Hayward films, since I think it parallels her life in some ways. The New York garment district background is as competitive as modeling and acting was for Susan. And, of course, being back in New York City must have been a special time for her.

I think the character she played was very close to Susan's as well. Tough, combative, competitive, and, yes, manipulative to get what she wants.

Although I thought the sudden "change" in Harriet's character at the end of the film was not quite believable, in Susan's case, I always thought there was a core of vulnerability and compassion that was believable.

One other note: I didn't think Dan Dailey right for the role, maybe because I didn't like him as a serious actor. Also, in the case of the Broadway show of ICGIFYW, Susan's character was a man!